Six-point criteria for dual citizenship

By Niranjala Ariyawansha

Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Public Peace, Disaster Management and Christian Religious Affairs, Chulananda Perera, said the government has decided to declare the six-point criteria required to qualify for dual citizenship.
Expressing his views to Ceylon Today, Perera said the qualifications required to obtain dual citizenship have been prepared according to a new administrative system and that Cabinet approval was granted last week.

dual-citizenshipAccordingly, among the requirements to qualify in order to obtain dual citizenship, a person should possess professional or educational qualifications and own immovable property worth Rs 2.5 million or more in Sri Lanka.
In addition, an individual who has maintained a deposit of Rs 2.5 million at a bank approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) can also apply for dual citizenship in this country.

Also, a person who has the ability to open with any Commercial Bank approved by the CBSL, a Non Resident Foreign Currency Account or a Resident Foreign Currency Account for US$ 25,000 or more for a period of three years is also eligible to apply for dual citizenship.
Another criterion is being over 55 years of age. Perera further said anyone who fulfills any one of the above qualifications will be able to apply for dual citizenship in this country.

The husband or wife of the person who qualifies for dual citizenship under the new criteria and unmarried children under the age of 22 years of age will also be eligible for dual citizenship.
He also said a media briefing is to be held next week in order to raise awareness among the public in connection with these new criteria required for being eligible for dual citizenship.

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