15 year old Pakistani girls sent to Sri Lanka and forced to work as Sex Workers!

The special investigation unit of the Department of Immigration and Emigration says an extensive investigation had been launched into a racket where young Pakistani girls are forced to work as sex workers in Sri Lanka. It has been revealed that Pakistani girls aged between 16 and 15 have been sent to Sri Lanka to work as sex workers.

Last week a group of investigators attached to the Department of Immigration and Emigration arrested five Pakistani girls in the age group between 16 and 25 during a raid in Colombo.

pakistanMeanwhile the investigations into the racket revealed that the girls have reached an agreement with the leader of the racket based in Lahore before providing their services to foreign customers in other Asian countries.

It is revealed some of the main operators attached to the international racket have already fled Sri Lanka. Investigation into the matter, however, continues.

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