Udayanga of arms deal fame at large

ARMS-DEAL_0By Shaahidah Riza

Former Russian envoy Udayanga Weeraratunga who was accused of selling arms to pro-Russian rebels by the Ukrainian Government has not yet been found, Deputy Minister of External Affairs Ajith P. Perera told Ceylon Today, yesterday.

Weeratunga, reportedly the nephew of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa also ran a tea business from the embassy premises Perera said.
The pro-Russian rebels have been fighting largely in the province of Donetsk, the eastern part of the country.

Although a ceasefire was called and the Minsk Accord was implemented on 15 February, the situation is said to be volatile.
Weeratunga had served as Ambassador to Russia for nine years till the current Foreign Minister recalled all politician appointees overseas.

During his tenure as ambassador, Weeraratunga was also involved in the procurement of arms in alliance with the military, a venture which is currently being investigated by Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) of the Police.

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