Valikamam water contamination issue

By M.Sasikumar

Valikamam-South Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman T.Prakash said the people should be made aware of the water contamination in the area due to the oil leak.
They should be clearly advised as to whether they can or cannot consume the water for drinking purposes since the committee interim report states that the contamination had not reached health threatening levels.
He said the people were confused as to whether the water was safe to drink or not.
He added that as a safety precaution the authorities were providing the people with safe drinking water until an announcement is made by the authorities.

water-contamination“Until people receive proper instructions from the health authorities we will continue providing the people with safe drinking water. The people should learn to conserve water and use it with sparingly” he said.
He said that if the people were unsure of the purity of the drinking water they could always complain to the authorities and obtain fresh water.
If they come across any contamination in the water being provided, an immediate complaint should be lodged with the area Medical Officer of Health.

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