Actresses turned ‘High Class Hookers’ in Drug Lord Suda’s arms

Drug Lords fund politicians in millions. In turn they are politically blessed to do anything what they want in this country.

When we think of ‘High Class Hookers’, we visualize the image of a beautiful young girl or a woman in the arms of an old man. But in Sri Lanka that visual is quite different. The dignity of the once proud cinema has been dragged into prostitution.

That is amply proved going by reports of the police investigations into drug kingpin Wele Suda’s antics in yesterday’s Ceylon Today of six actresses in the clutches, and in the arms, of this drug dealer who had traversed the globe with him. Earlier, one of them openly said that she only had paid sex with Wele Suda.

With the drug menace on the rise over the past few decades in Sri Lanka, the country seems to be turning towards the trend witnessed in Mexico and Columbia where actresses and beauty queens become the choice of leaders of drug cartels. In 1974 Martha Echeverry crowned as Miss Columbia ended up being the mistress of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela who was the head of the Cali drug cartel. Later Martha was known as the ‘Narco Woman’ of Columbia.

The quality of the film and tele-drama industry has fallen into dire straits. Today, actors and actresses are made, and bought at cheap rates. There’s no financial stability in the industry. Young, attractive women are lured into the industry. Many of them posses no talents and they come from economically humble circumstances. With political backing they hook up with drug lords like Wele Suda. Most politicians of the day are close to these actresses. A few of them openly confess to that fact. Investigations into the roles played by the six actresses in question with Wele Suda have revealed that these six women had become rich overnight, opening beauty salons and Spa Clinics in the city.

imagesPoliticians have lured young tele-drama actresses promising them space in politics at grassroots level. They are later introduced to drug dealers who fund their political campaigns. It is in that manner that these actresses make their fortunes through the fame they earn as upstarts. However, women who hang out with drug lords often meet a tragic fate: an early death! or they are trapped by law enforcement authorities. Many of these ‘High Class Hookers’ are used as human shields by drug dealers when they make overseas visits for drug trafficking. When eyes of sleuths at airports are attracted by these glamorous women, drug trafficking becomes easy. Most beauty pageants are patronized by politicians with ulterior motives. Once chosen, these attractive women are contacted by known and unknown personalities who claim to be involved in the film and tele-drama industry. Once they’ve gone from the hands of politicos into the hands of drug dealers, these women find it difficult to re-invent their lives.
A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report stated that a considerable number of beauty queens, models and actresses are involved in assisting drug traffickers. Police investigations here have also revealed that there is a competition between young actresses to attract drug dealers in the country through the help of politicians. Actresses who assist drug traffickers to operate cannot be considered naive. Beyond the glamour and the money, these women willingly seek out relationships with drug lords for security in society because those criminals protect them.

They are ignorant of the fact that their greed for immediate tangible gains such as luxury lives and fast cash are often miscalculations in the long run. In Colombo and immediate suburbs most brothels are operated by these so called film and tele-drama actresses. Young girls from the provinces are brought to Colombo under the pretext of engaging them in films and they are later lured into these brothels after offering them a minor character role in a tele-drama or a film. Politics in this country has deteriorated badly over the past two decades. Politics has turned actresses into ‘High Class Hookers’ and they have become the ‘market products’ in the drug world. ‘Wele Suda’s’ film stars will spill more beans on how and who linked them to the drug lord shortly. Well, they have already had their day with Wele Suda. Their claim that they associated Wele Suda for paid sex is certainly an offence under the Vagrants Ordinance which states; ‘It prohibits persons from buying sex and also knowingly living out of the earnings of prostitution’.

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