Families of missing stage protest

Family members of people reported missing since the end of the war staged a protest in Fort today demanding that the new government launch a fresh investigation into those missing.missing protest

The protestors also called on the UN and international human rights organisations to conduct an international probe soon if the government fails to provide immediate results to locate those missing.

“It has been years since we lost our children. We want answers soon. We have faith in this government and call on them to launch a fresh inquiry to find our children,” M. Charles from Mannar said.

_50729364_relatives-of-the-missingThe protestors, all holding pictures of their children who have been missing since the war ended in May 2009 against the LTTE alleged that most of those missing were still alive but their whereabouts were unknown.

“Someone told me they saw my son in a central prison in Colombo. But I do not know if he is still there. If the government launched a fresh investigation we are hopeful we will get our children back safely,” Sitti Jenima from Mattakuliya said.

The families of those missing claimed that various local probes in the past had been a failure and urged the government to produce results soon or pave way for an international investigation. (Colombo Gazette)

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