Governor regrets erroneous report

h-m-g-s-palihakkara-new-northern-province-governor-daily-news-online-9646550The Northern Province Governor’s Secretariat has been drawn to a speculative and erroneous media report about the deferral of transfers of some senior officials in the Northern Provincial Council (NPC).

The statement released by the Northern Province Governor’s office is as follows: “The said transfers were deferred by the Governor in order to give time for review and consultation on this matter as it was pointed out that these transfers were done without adequate consultation and consideration of all aspects.

There were concerns voiced in this regard by the concerned parties including the Chairman of the Council.

Once the review and consultation have been completed among the parties concerned and agreed recommendations are made by the Board of Ministers, the necessary transfers will be effected facilitating a harmonious working environment.

It is absolutely baseless and misleading to suggest that the Governor is illegally interfering in NPC affairs in this instance because the Governor is the legally mandated authority for making such appointments. The Governor’s efforts were in fact aimed at facilitating consensual decisions on this matter within the NPC.

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