Mangala Releases Foreign Service Examination Results Buried By Rajapaksas

Reversing the former government’s policy, the new government has recalled political appointee ambassadorsand has released the results of the long-delayed foreign service examinations.

Mangala Samaraweera -Minister of External Affairs

“This will enable the many vacancies currently in the foreign service to be filled through a transparent, professional and meritocratic process.” a foreign ministry official told Colombo Telegraph.

“The self-serving Rajapaksa regime not only posted political appointees to as ambassdors abroad, they also staffed the second and third tier of missions with their cronies. These incompetent individuals shamed Sri Lanka on the world state – even using embassies for illegal business activities.” she further said.

Releasing a statement on the Competitive Examination for the Recruitment to Grade III of the Sri Lanka Foreign Service 2013(2014), the Ministry of External Affairs said;

“The list of names of 42 applicants approved by the Public Service Commission who are eligible to appear for the structured interview on the results of the aforementioned written examination held by the Commissioner General of Examination on 31 May, 01st and 07th June 2014 is hereby published. Special attention is drawnto the following;

1. Action will be taken to fill 25 vacancies in the Sri Lanka Foreign Service based on the results of this competitive examination.

2. The list of 42 names of the candidates who have obtained 40 or more marks in each paper in the written examination, is given in the English alphabetical order.

3. The Department of Examinations has issued the list of names without mentioning the marks obtained in the written examination and the marks have not been issued to any candidate.

4. The Board, which will conduct the structured interview, is also not aware of the marks obtained by the candidates.

5. 25 candidates who obtain the highest total marks from the written examination and the structured interview, will be recruited to the Sri Lanka Foreign Service. All the activities related to computing marks for such recruitment shall be carried out by the Department of Examinations.

6. As per paragraph no.14 of the Gazette Notification dated 27.12.2013, the Public Service Commission reserves the right to fill the vacancies, wholly or partly or not to fill any vacancy. The candidates mentioned in the following list will be notified of the date, time and venue of the structured interview, in due course.

“The candidates mentioned in the following list will be notified of the date, time and venue of the structured interview, in due course.”

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