z_p01-PresidentPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has held a special discussion with former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga on Tuesday morning to work out a mechanism to resolve problems with regard to the proposed constitutional amendments.

The discussion has been cordial and two leaders were on the same page about resolving problems on the 19th Amendment, highly placed political sources told the Daily News.

“We, as the United National Party, have come up with the constitutional amendment. The Sri Lanka Freedom Party has the majority of seats in Parliament and it is up to the SLFP to produce the numbers. Then only we can proceed with the constitutional amendment,” a senior Parliamentarian of the UNP told the Daily News yesterday.

“The discussion between the Prime Minister and the former President was based on delivering the ‘numbers’ in Parliament,” he also added.

President Sirisena, who was on an official visit to Pakistan, returned to the country on Tuesday night.

Political sources said on Wednesday that there are two schools of thought among the UPFA MPs over the constitutional amendment. One group was supportive of the 19th Amendment and the other group was of the view that it should be amended before being passed by Parliament.

The 19th Amendment will be taken for debate in Parliament on April 09 and April 10. Although the amendment is likely to be taken for debate on April 10, the final decision on the matter will be based on the recommendations of the Supreme Court, informed political sources added.

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