Details of SL refugees sought from Australia

SRI LANKA-AUSTRALIA-REFUGEE-IMMIGRATIONThe Puducherry government has written a letter to the Australian authorities seeking details of investigations into the illegal trafficking of Sri Lankan refugees from Puducherry to Australia, Inspector General of Police Praveer Ranjan said.

The 157 asylum seekers (50 children) comprising Sri Lankan Tamil refugees residing in camps in Tamil Nadu set sail by a boat from Puducherry to Australia in mid-June, 2014 in a bid to seek asylum in Australia. They are now residing off shore in the island of Naaru near the Australian coast.

Puducherry Police are investigating the case and require the details of the investigations done in this regard by the Australian authorities and statements given by the refugees to the Australian authorities, Ranjan said.

Seeking the details of the investigation in Australia, the letter has been sent to Australian authorities by routing it through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs, the Inspector General of Police said.

Those accused in the case in India including the boat owner has been arrested and they have been charge sheeted. Once the details are provided by the Australian authorities, other persons involved in the case as well as other aspects in the case would come to light, he added. (TNIE)

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