Fonseka commends Senaka for offering his party to Gota!

Lanka News Web on Sunday, 12 April 2015 05:26

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has taken a totally different view from other Sri Lankan politicians who are expressing displeasure and condemnation over the now controversial interview ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ has carried with former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. This should be an eye opener for all those who are interested in Sri Lankan politics.

On one hand it is heartening to note that Democratic Party leader Fonseka has called his personal secretary Senaka Haripriya Silva and praised him for offering to give his party, Apey Jathika Peramuna, to Gotabhaya if he enters politics. On the other hand, it shows the level of political maturity Fonseka has gained in the past six years.

sf_gotaFonseka’s own words of praise were, “I say. You are going to do a great thing. Bring this this fellow (Gotabhaya) to politics somehow. If not from parliament, at least from a provincial council, bring him to politics and try to get some work out of him. Hand him over the garbage problem. He will do it properly. Go ahead.”

Fonseka’s response left Senaka surprised, as he never expected such a one. He expected Fonseka to call him as soon as he hears the news and say harshly, “Are you all mad to whitewash my arch enemy and bring him to politics? Do not set foot at my home hereafter. You go and, along with Mirror fellows, live together with Gota.”

We are happy, after pioneering his entry to politics, to see Fonseka, as a 60 year old military commander, is ahead of other politicians and media friends, in the level of political maturity he has gained.

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