Pray for life without militarisation at this Tamil new year says CM Wigneswaran

The chief minister of the northern province, C V Wigneswaran, expressed his hope that a life without subjugation and free from militarisation would begin this year for the Tamil people, as Tamils celebrated new year on Monday.

” We should pray that atleast in this coming new year the continuing militarised environment that surrounds us and makes our people feel that they lack freedom is removed.,” Mr Wigneswaran was quoted by the Uthayan as saying, when addressing a cultural event at Nelliyadi Central College, marking Tamil New Year.

Wigneswaran-3IMG_0604See his full comments here:

“This musical and dance event has been named “Let Spring Blossom”. Last year the central government undertook its political activities by keeping the Province under its control through its ‘Northern Spring’ initiative.”
“At that time the word ‘Spring’ was used to connote oppression, such a Spring is now no more. But it is indeed appropriate that this event is being organised by the Indian High Commission and the Provincial Ministry of Education.”
“If a new Spring is to blossom, the unnecessary controls over us should be loosened and our state of subjugation should be removed.”
“Dance should not be just about shaking one’s hands and legs but also about understanding the inner worth and deeper meaning that is portrayed though the dance forms and serve to educate us, only this will lead to the survival of such dance forms in the years to come.”

“The Indian Deputy High Commission has been deeply interested in promoting such programs. .They has also assisted us in the establishment of a cultural hall. In the future we expect programs to do with the Arts & Music to be held in the New Cultural Hall in Jaffna.”

“I express my New Year Greetings to all.”

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