Unlawful arrests in East continue – TNA MP

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Batticaloa District Parliamentarian P. Selvarajah says unlawful arrests were still continuing in the Eastern Province and warned that if the situation continued the people would not hesitate to teach the new government a lesson as the previous government was also taught a lesson.

“The people in the North and East continue to live in uncertainty because of the attitude of the new government with regard to the issues that still remain unresolved,” he added.

5Parliamentarian Selvarajah was speaking at the Kannan Kudah Kannagi Vidyalayam on Tuesday (7).
He said “the Tamil speaking people have suffered much under the previous regime for the last 10 years. They closed ranks at the last presidential election and defeated the Rajapaksa regime. However, the new government is also ignorant of the difficulties faced by the people in the North and East.”
He added that the TNA will not keep silent in the face of unfair treatment of minority communities. “We will not tolerate the sufferings of the minority communities at the hands of the new government. Fifteen persons have been arrested in Batticaloa alone since the new government came into power.
We told our people during the election campaign that such arrests would not take place after 8 January.
But these unlawful arrests continue even after the new government came into power,” he said.
He also pointed out that the new government should take immediate steps to stop such arrests at once. The new arrests have created panic among innocent civilians in the Eastern Province. The new regime must put an end to this menace, Selvarajah stressed.
Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) Education Minister S. Thandayuthapani, Agriculture Minister K. Thurairajasingham and newly elected Deputy Chairman of the EPC Prasanna Indrakumar were present at the event.

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