Gothbhaya will be electric-chaired if he goes to US

I will be electric-chaired if I go to US: Gota (Video)

Gota-DeranaUnwittingly conceding that he has committed war crimes, Sri Lanka’s former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said that he will have to face the capital punishment of sitting in the electric chair if he goes to the United States for conducting the fight-to-finish war.

Appearing for the first time in a television talk show after his brother’s defeat at the January 8 presidential election, he politely rejected all allegations, including the corruption charges now surfacing against him.

Asked why couldn’t he, being a US citizen, move to the US and lead a luxurious life instead of facing threats of arrest and prosecution in Sri Lanka, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said: “I cannot lead a luxury life in America. There, I will have to sit in the electric chair for conducting the war”.

Without power and facing corruption charges, once powerful and arrogant defence secretary looked quite timid and spoke like a priest.

He said that the “LTTE terrorists are waiting” till he visits the countries like America to make fake charges against him and prosecute him.

“It’s an open secret. I have served in the Army for 20 years during the very difficult period…Because of my dedication and commitment, I was able to finish the war which others couldn’t. Many people will acknowledge it,” the US-Sri Lanka dual citizenship holder has said at the Derana TV‘s 360° programme.

He said that the present government has launched a campaign targeting to tarnish his name and to disparage the unparallel service he has rendered to the country during his tenure as the defence secretary.

He also denied allegations levelled by former Minister Mervyn Silva that he was responsible for several high profile assassinations and white van abductions in the country during and after the war.

Answering to question posed by a Muslim caller during the talk show that his action has alienated the Muslim community from the previous regime by harbouring and nurturing the radical Buddhist Monk organisation, Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), Rajapaksa said he had absolutely “nothing to do with the BBS”, except attending their function.

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