Sri Lankan army camps on released land blocks resettlement

Army camps built on land that has been reportedly released by the Sri Lankan government has left displaced Tamils unable to resettle in their native villages, saidTamil National Alliance (TNA) spokesperson and MP Suresh Premachandran.

Speaking after visiting the 1000acres of land that was reportedly released by the Sri Lankan government in Vali North, Mr Premachandran said the lands “have not been fully released”.

2“Inside the 1000 acres of land, is two big army camps,” said the MP.  “If those army camps are removed, then people those lands belong to can resettle. The owners of the lands are now in Urumpirai welfare centre,” he added, referring to a housing camp for displaced Tamils in Jaffna.

Further construction of barbed wire in the area that was released has also disrupted resettlement said the MP, saying “ the army is building barbed wired fences invading people’s pathways” in the region.

“Land belonging to approximately 150 families is being occupied by the army,” said Mr Premachandran, calling on the Sri Lankan government Minister for Resettlement to allow the displaced Tamils to return.  “This situation should change,” he continued.

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