“ Basil came and destroyed all my plans” – Mahinda

Basil-Rajapaksa-01“I told Basil not to come but he never listened to me and trusted Johnny. Johnny only told him to come without fear. Rajitha too had told him that he will look after. Can you see what has happened now after trusting them? Now Rajitha is telling that he would make me to wear jumper. I have made up my mind. I am used to the life in remand. I came to my mother’s funeral from the remand” said the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday night following the news of his brother’s remand.

The former president further said with a humour that “Basil completely destroyed all the plans what we made with Wimal and Bandula. Basil does such type idiocy. I am paying for his sins. That’s why my boys don’t like him at all. If I was not there two years back my son Yoshitha would have shot him. Now my time is not good, now I understand”


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