Release info on Tamil political detainees

channel-4BY M. SASIKUMAR

Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) General Secretary, Parliamentarian Douglas Devananda, urged the government to release information regarding Tamil political detainees.
Devananda pointed out that young men and women from the North and the East were directed to a negative path by Tamil Political Leaderships in the past.

“Some Tamil politicians complain that there are secret detention camps. We sent a petition to the government to release information regarding political detainees and details about these secret detention camps,” he said.
He further said when Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe visited Jaffna his party questioned him regarding secret detention camps, but he denied the functioning of such camps.
“We questioned regarding political detainees in Parliament but they requested for two weeks time to reveal the information. We await that information,” he said.
Devananda said as there is no proper information regarding political detainees, their families are undergoing problems when finding them. Their relatives are waiting to receive information.
“My brother and most of my party comrades have gone missing. I’m trying my best to find information about them,” he said.
He urged that the government should take necessary steps to release information regarding Tamil political detainees. Releasing information regarding detainees will help their relatives to find them.

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