Ensure fair minority representation – Mano Ganesan urges

Manoganesan1By Mirudhula Thambiah

Leader of the Democratic People’s Front (DPF) Mano Ganesan urged the government on Friday (1), to ensure fair representation of minorities in the electoral reforms.
He said addressing a May Day rally that the government should not only consider the representation of minorities, but small political parties too.
“Minorities don’t have opportunities to become the President of this country. Therefore, at least their representation in the legislature should be ensured in a fair manner. We should obtain our representation through a democratic process. But, if we are not treated equally and if we are denied fair representation in Parliament, we will begin our struggle on the streets. We will not hesitate to seek legal action,” he said.

He further said, the war was a result of denying the rights of the Tamil people. “Their land rights, right to education, right to employment were denied. Therefore, the government has a responsibility to consider the representation of Tamils in the new electoral reforms.

“I will not keep silent because I can win a seat in Parliament. I will continue to struggle to ensure that other minority communities and small parties obtain fair representation in Parliament,” he said.
Commenting on the recent issue about the distortion of the national flag, he said, LTTE Leader Prabhakaran was not the separatist but the actual separatists are former President and his colleagues who protested with a national flag that had no room for minority communities, and attempting to separate minorities from this country.

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