No American hand in SL affairs – John Kerry

91711_000del64121223No American hand in SL affairs – John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday ruled out US interference in Sri Lankan affairs but offered help, and explained that if there was such interference, Sri Lanka would not have invited US President Barak Obama to visit Colombo. At a media briefing where only two questions were permitted to be raised, the local media questioned the high ranking US diplomat why shouldn’t anyone see Kerry’s visit as an ‘interference’ in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs……………….  READ MORE 

Domestic accountability mechanism underway – Mangala tells Kerry

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mangala Samaraweera told US Secretary of State, John Kerry that a domestic accountability mechanism with international technical assistance is underway, as promised by the Maithri Government.
After holding bilateral discussions, Minister Samaraweera and the US Secretary of State addressed the media at the Foreign Ministry yesterday.
The minister assured the visiting dignitary that accountability is a key component in the reconciliation process initiated by the new government………. READ MORE 

Kerry pledges enhanced US help to Sri Lanka

US Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday that Sri Lanka’s internal problems should be resolved internally by Sri Lankans, adding that the US would always be glad to extend any support needed by the Sri Lankan Government.
Delivering a speech in Colombo Kerry added that although the island’s issues must be resolved internally, the US would assist SL in any way possible, as a friend and partner………READ MORE 

Stolen assets in US to be returned

“Stolen assets in the United States will be returned to their rightful owners in Sri Lanka,” US State Secretary John Kerry pledged yesterday…………  READ MORE 

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