President Given Copy Of No Fire Zone

No-Fire-Zone-Director-Callum-MacraePresident Maithripala Sirisena has been supplied with a personalized copy of the Sinhala language version of the controversial film No Fire Zone.

The film’s director, Callum Macrae, told the President in a message: “The truth is coming out. I appeal to you not to obstruct that process, but to encourage it and be on the side of the truth.”

The film’s director handed the copy of the film which contains his personal message to the President and government officials at a specially arranged meeting at the Sri Lankan High Commission in London.

No Fire Zone contains alleged detailed and disturbing video evidence of war crimes committed in the final weeks of the war in 2009, during which it is alleged that tens of thousands of Tamil civilians died. During his visit to the UK last month, the President said in an interview with the BBC that he intended to watch the film.

The special edition of the film presented to the President contains a short filmed introduction by director Callum Macrae in which he said that he believed “the vast majority of Sinhalese people – just like the vast majority of all communities in Sri Lanka want nothing more than to live in their beautiful island in peace, freedom and with full democratic rights.  For that to take place the truth must be confronted.”

Last month the Sinhala version of the film was made available on a special website for free viewing.

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