Fonseka says govt caught sharks, but wants it to go after whales now

Fonseka says govt caught sharks, but wants it to go after whales now

GeneralSarathFonsekaAfter another two months’ time, ten per cent of the office time of incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena would be over but people of the country had received only one per cent of the benefits promised to them under the good governance regime, Leader of the Democratic Party Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka said on Saturday.

Addressing a meeting of DP regional leaders at the Ambalangoda Town Hall auditorium Field Marshall Fonseka said that the government had come to power, promising action against fraudsters who had plundered the public institutions and embezzled people’s money. The good governance administration had been able to cast a net to capture the sharks of corruption. “But, it is yet to throw a net to catch the whales of corruption. The government should start fighting corruption from the very top. Then only it can catch the whales of corruption.”………..………..  read more

Waiting for Godot

Never does Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka (SF) miss an opportunity to take a swipe at the Rajapaksas who wronged him. A victim of politico-legal persecution under the previous government, he derives a kind of perverse pleasure from the current plight of his betes noires. Addressing a public meeting in Ambalangoda on Saturday, he tore into defeated President Mahinda Rajapaksa for trying to make a comeback. And, in the same breath, he flayed the present government for not battling corruption the way it should. Both the SLFP and the UNP, he declared, had corrupt elements within their ranks and, therefore, were not serious about eliminating corruption………………  read more

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