Sampanthan confident in President Maithiri For a viable political solution


Leader of Tamil National Alliance(TNA) Parliamentarian  Rajavarothiam  Sampanthan, expressed confidence that President Maithripala Sirisena would table a justifiable political solution based on autonomy in the traditional homeland of Tamils to the Tamil ethnic problem before the Sinhalese people.

  “We have high hope that President Maithiripala Sirisena would speak to the Sinhala community with an open mind seeking support to find a sustainable political solution to the six decade old Tamil problem,” Sampanthan said.

Sampanthan further stated that his party is not asking division or a separate State in the country.

ranil-sambanthanWe were not asking for a federal solution to the ethnic problem.

  • In 1933 Kandyan leaders asked a federal form of political solution.
  • In 1972 our leader S.J.V.Chelvanayakam alias ‘Thanthai Chelva’ asked for political solution based on federalism.
  • That demand was rejected in 1976 and thereafter Chelvanayagam had declared Tamil Eelam at Vaddukoddai convention.

He then resigned from the Parliament and sought reelection from Kankesanthurai electorate and won with a handsome majority,” he said.

Sampanthan said that the TNA was forced to clamor for a separation of the country due to the adamant attitude of the governments in power. However, Chelvanayagam was very cautious that a reasonable political solution to the ethnic problem could be found.

 Sampanthan added that Tamil people are expecting a parliamentary election. We should be very firm in voting at the election. The International Community has been watching the outcome of the election.

Tamil speaking people should vote for a party that could bring a change in the form of government that could help to find a reasonable political solution to the six decades old ethnic issue, he said.

He was speaking at an event held in Vantharumoolai Pillaiyar Kovil premises in Batticaloa on Saturday (9).

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