NPC to help ex-ltte cadres

By Mirudhula Thambiah

The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has allocated Rs 40.3 million to enhance the livelihoods of former militant cadres and for the benefit of the families of political prisoners.

NPC Minister B. Deniswaran said the move has been taken to support the families financially as the former cadres were struggling to initiate any income oriented ventures. “As the Tamil political prisoners are behind bars without any legal action their families are also struggling without breadwinners to support them. Therefore, taking into consideration the plight of the ex cadres and the families of the Tamil political prisoners, the NPC has taken the decision to allocate Rs 40.3 million to uplift their living conditions,” Minister Deniswaran said.

c-v-wigneswaran“Former cadres have undergone rehabilitation during which they were given technical training too, therefore they can make use of the training through self employment,” he added.
He also said that job training will be provided to the families of political prisoners to engage in self employment.
Minister Deniswaran further said allocations will be distributed within the next two months. However, he pointed out that more funds are needed to establish employment facilities to the above parties.
“We have requested international agencies, diaspora communities and the government to provide aid to the affected people,” he said.

He made the above comments at his office in Navalar Road, Jaffna yesterday.
He added he NPC has worked out the plan to allocate financial assistance after studying in detail the problems faced by the ex-cadres and the families of the political prisoners.

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