Jaffna students protest after girl’s murder by ”We Kill some one for £50” gang members.

 Pungudutivu Organisations around the world protest after student’s rape and murder!

unnamedStudents in Pungudutivu in Jaffna staged a protest today against the murder of a school girl in the area and demanded justice.

The girl had been abducted yesterday while on her way home from school and was reported missing and her body was later found today.

Protesting over the rape and murder have spred to other areas in Jaffna. Yesterday the students in Pungudutivu, Vellanai and Killinochchi sat across the road and blocked traffic and demanded that justice be served over the death of the girl.

Three men have been arrested by the police. They were members of a gang called ”We Kill some one for £50”. The arrested gang members had previous criminal record. 

The funeral of the student was attended by Tamil parliamentarians MP Mavai Senathirajah, MP Sritharan and MP Douglas Devananda.

The public had been complaining to MP’s that such things wood not have happened if the LTTE was active. Crimes are raising its head in North since the end of LTTE by the Sri Lankan forces. It was claimed that under previous government under President Mahinda it was the Army that encouraged the Tamil youths to get involved in crime and they some army members were accused of selling sexual DVD’s and Drugs in North.

Under the current government under President Maithiri such complaints by the forces have not been made and this was clear by the active and efficient manner in which the police arrested the culprits and produced in the court.

The Pungudutivu organisations around the world have condemned the murder and are asking the New government to take more action to safeguard the students  in North. The Pungudutivu organisations are organising condolence meetings in there related cities to hold services in remembrance of the student killed.

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