Northern Governor praises sensible police action in Jaffna as Mahinda plays Racist card!

Northern Province Governor H. M. G. S. Palihakkara yesterday said that had there been any lapse on the part of Jaffna law enforcement authorities, violence triggered by the brutal killing of 18-year-old schoolgirl Siloganadan Vinita would have caused a major crisis in the peninsula.

One-time Foreign Secretary Palihakkara told The Island that the Jaffna police had acted swiftly and decisively to bring the situation under control, though reasonable force was used against the unruly mob.

The Governor appreciated that the police had quite rightly  allowed the Jaffna population to demonstrate against the killing. The law enforcement authorities respected the civilians’ right, but acted without hesitation to quell violence unleashed by a relatively a small group of persons.

A majority of those who had been involved in attacks were arrested to face legal action; Governor Palihakkara said adding that the police earned rare praise from Jaffna media for professionally handling an extremely difficult situation.

Responding to a query, the Governor said that IGP N.K. Illangakoon’s visit to Jaffna in the immediate aftermath of violence has had a positive impact on the ground situation. Commending the army and the navy for responding swiftly to the situation, the Governor denied accusations that an attempt had been made to target those Sinhalese who had returned to the Jaffna peninsula after the conclusion of the war.

The Governor said the people reacted angrily because the wanton killing reflected the vulnerability of the population to those who preyed on the innocent. The top official commended the police for arresting those responsible for the killing within days after the recovery of the victim’s body.

The Governor pointed out that the incident could have taken a different turn due to baseless accusations made during the past few days regarding hoisting of LTTE flag in Jaffna.

liarFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa has alleged that the Tiger flag was raised in the North and the LTTE’s dead cadres were commemorated on May 19, Which never happened and it was another way he is trying to creat division among the Sinhalese in South and Tamils in North and East. Mahinda believes that his only last trump card is keeping the Sinhalese and Tamils devided.

Pooh-poohing his claim, President Maithripala Sirisena has vowed to do everything in his power to prevent terrorism from raising its ugly head ever again in this country. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksha’s claims and rhetoric are not to be taken seriously as in the past he want’s touse the race card to come back to power to cover up his siblings and Ministers fraudulent money making when he was in power.

It was claimed by the current minister that Billions of US Dollors have been taken away by Rajapakshe brothers under Mahinda’s rule. Currently Mahinda’s brothers and few Ministers under him are under investigation for fraud by the current government.

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