Multi-Million Dollar Swiss Property deal…Foreign sleuths monitoring local politico

Multi-Million Dollar Swiss Property deal…Foreign sleuths monitoring local politico

money300A powerful political personality in Sri Lanka is to purchase a property in Switzerland.
A powerful politician in Colombo is negotiating the purchase a multi-million dollar property in Switzerland, a report in our sister paper, Mawbima says. It is reported that this politician has held several rounds of talks last month with the……prospective seller to finalize the price, mode of transfer and other details.

Reliable sources said the entire deal has been monitored by Lankan and foreign sleuths specializing in corporate sector deals.
Meanhwhile, the US-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has released a report disclosing the names of 40 Sri Lankan businessmen who have deposited more than 50 million US Dollars in Swiss Banks.

US Secretary of State John Kerry who visited Sri Lanka recently pledged US support to unearth Sri Lankan wealth stashed away in bank and financial institutions in other countries, by way of cash or assets.

A special delegation from the Reserve Bank of India has meanwhile also come forward with specialist advise to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in connection with these investigations.

Lankans with Swiss bank accounts revealed

ome 40 Sri Lankans have reportedly deposited around US$ 50 million in secret Swiss bank accounts, according to details by the US based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The details were obtained by the ICIJ from the French newspaper Le Monde and led to many collaborative projects by the ICIJ in what came to be known as Swiss Leaks, The Sunday Times has reported.

The Sri Lankans are among 100,000 clients of the HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) worldwide. The names and account details are in a trove of 60,000 leaked files covering up to 2007. The highest amounts remaining in the accounts during 2006-2007 under different Sri Lankan names are available……………………..  read all

Exposed details of top people who deposited money in Swiss banks

A list of Sri Lankans who have deposited more than US dollar 50 million (Rs 6670 million) in Swiss bankshas revealed by an international exploratory media team. These information were published in France Lemonade paper.

According to the information, this team has exposed information about 40 Sri Lankans who have deposited money in HSBC and Swiss banks. Among them a large amount of money has deposited by few members of a same family while others have taken steps to close down their accounts in HSBC and Swiss banks.

According to the financial regulation of Sri Lanka, no one is allowed to open an account in foreign bank without a prior approval from Central Bank. However, none of them have taken steps to inform the Central Bank in this regard.

 Total of 92 citizens from Sri Lanka hold Swiss Bank Accounts

Largest deposit $ 10.7 million: The maximum amount of money associatedOf the 92 total clients 18 percent have a Sri Lankan passport or nationality. ICIJ notes that each client could be linked to more than one country and that there areSri Lankan citizens hold US$ 58.3 million in Swiss bank accounts………………  read all

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