Racist Mahinda – Government calls for vigilance over conspiracies and bans protests in Jaffna

Court bans protests in Jaffna

MahindaToHitler_LnWThe Jaffna Magistrate has issued a stay order banning all types of protests in the Jaffna town, the police media unit said. The stay order was issued as a result of the violence which erupted in Jaffna this week during a protest against the alleged rape and murder of a girl in Jaffna. The police had to use tear gas to disperse the protesters who had damaged public property and had also pelted stones at the Jaffna court building………………...   READ ALL

Top cops in Jaffna transferred following violence

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Government assures law and order after protest

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Jaffna regains its ‘soul’

Police denied ‘mob justice’ to the people of Jaffna, when they were prevented from storming the Jaffna Courts on Wednesday (20 May), in an attempt to forcibly take away eight suspects, charged with the rape and murder of an 18-year-old schoolgirl from Punkuduthivu, whose body was found in the area, eight days ago on 14 May. (See also yesterday’s Ceylon Today)
Such crimes may not be all that uncommon in the South………………….  READ ALL

Racist Mahinda – Government calls for vigilance over conspiracies

The Government requests the people to be vigilant about campaigns carried out by certain political and extremist elements to mislead the Southern people, using media reports and video clippings of recent LTTE commemorative events held in some countries including south India and over the kidnapping, rape and killing of a 18-year-old schoolgirl in Kayts, Jaffna.

The State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena addressing a media conference held at the Government Information Department today (22). totally refuted the allegation made by the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and a group of opposition Members of Parliament that the LTTE flag was hoisted in parts of the North at a time when the nation commemorates the sixth year of defeating separatist LTTE terrorism. Reports received from intelligence agencies state that no such incident had been staged in the Northern or Eastern Provinces. These rumours are spread by certain persons with vested interests, through media sources and social web sites to achieve their own political agendas.

He also pointed out that President Maithripala Sirisena in his capacity as the Minister of Defence, Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minsiter and himself as the State Minister of Defence are committed in ensuring national security and building reconciliation and coexistence among the people.

He further stated that he regrets the actions of certain sections in misleading the people of the South by spreading false information to attain petty political gains.

Courtesy : Department of Government Information

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