Video Of Sinhala Police Officer Using Racially Motivated Language At An Elderly Jaffna Woman Goes Viral

policeA video showing a senior Sinhala police officer using racially motivated and disrespectful language at an elderly Jaffna Tamil woman is going viral on Facebook.

The incident took place in Jaffna during the protest against the rape and murder of a schoolgirl.

The recording captures phrases like ‘You should make sure that your men behave’ (thamuselage pirimi hadāganna ōne thamusela). The police officer then threatened to the person who was recording to stop recording.

The protest and hartal took a violent turn in Jaffna on 20th May, with crowds stoning the Jaffna courthouse and burning tyres. 130 suspects arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and the stoning the Jaffna Courts Complex were yesterday remanded by the Jaffna Magistrate.

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