Cannot allow Army to rule the Province says Tamil Chief Minister

wigneswarenChief Minister, Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C. V. Wigneswaran said he cannot accept to allow the Army which had committed war crimes to rule in the province.

“No one requested the Army to provide security for us. If somebody did so, he or she must be some collaborator or one who is afraid of the Army or a spy of the Government”, he added.
C.M. Wigneswaran further said the Security Forces should get out from the North. Resources in the North are being robbed and smuggled to other provinces.

“The presence of the Security forces here is drastically affecting the mental peace of our students. Though how much the Army tried to win the hearts and minds of the people, they cannot be accepted within a democratic structure. The Army and the Navy are planted by force among us even after 6 years from the end of the war,” he said.

He further stated that terrible crimes that are taking place currently in the North were unheard before year 2009. These are planned distractions to ensure that the youth should not evolve with freedom related aspirations, they should not transform into hard working people and we have to suspect that somebody is trying to deliberately to misdirect them into a negative direction.

images (7)No Sinhalese government is ready to say before the Sinhalese masses, that they should do some good to Tamils. Poison had been fed into minds of Sinhala people to that extent by governments in the past, he said.

He also said the Police and Army are not the same. Police do not depend exclusively on weapons. They had to work with the welfare of the people in their minds. The Army does not have a duty like that.
C. M. Wigneswaran was speaking at the 150th jubilee celebrations and the opening ceremony of a new building at the Inuvil Hindu College, Jaffna.

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