Girl could have been saved if the Police have acted professionally: Action will be taken against cops if found guilty – John

11045475_874148722655545_1567447288257754299_nMinister of Public Order and Christian Affairs, John Amaratunga, has called for a report from the IGP on the conduct of police over the gang-rape and murder of a 17-year-old schoolgirl, which led to the biggest public demonstration recorded in Jaffna after the end of LTTE in May 2009.

The police were congratulated for acting swiftly to arrest the culprits AFTER the complain of the girls death, but was contempt for NOT taking action immediately the previous day when the parents made the complain. If the police had acted professionally  the previous day the girl could have been saved from these thugs. 

Reports indicated that the area police had literally joked when the disappearance of the girl was reported to them and allegedly telling her parents that she may have eloped with her boyfriend. The following morning when the family found the body, it had taken Kayts police several hours to get there. 

The IGP has already transferred several police personnel including the Senior Superintendent of Police of the division for their failure to prevent the outbreak of violence while police had taken actions to arrest the suspects responsible for the rape and murder. The protesters attacked the police and Jaffna Magistrate court on May 20.

A top official has been accused of releasing a key suspect, a citizen of Switzerland after he was handed over to the police. He was later arrested in Wellawatte. Three of the suspects’ houses in Punguduthivu were burnt down by angry villagers following the incident.

Two special teams of CID had been sent to Jaffna to probe the incidents and their reports were expected to be handed over to the IGP today, police headquarters sources said.


The Jaffna Magistrate on June 21 remanded 130 suspects till June 1,3 and 4th over the violence which erupted in Jaffna the previous day.

The police arrested 130 protesters following the violence in which marauding protesters attacked the Jaffna Magistrate Court and the police with stones. The police also took into custody 60 motorcycles, 43 bicycles and five trishaws.  But it is claimed that most of the arrested protesters including children and their parents were public who came to see the protest.

Few Police officers had acted unprofessionally. 

The protesters demanded immediate punishment for the 9 suspects who were residents of Punguduthivu.

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