Residents prevent an arrest of a suspect in Palai

Sri Lanka police probe death of U.S. pilot

COLOMBO, May 25 (Xinhua) — Sri Lankan police have launched a probe into the death of a U.S. Air Force pilot whose body was discovered from a hotel room in the capital Colombo last week, an official said.

Police Media Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunesekare told Xinhua that the victim’s body was discovered on Thursday night from a room of a five star hotel where he had checked in a day earlier………….. READ ALL

Residents prevent an arrest of a suspect in Palai

11218518_465174023657250_4787240221056746636_oPolice Media Unit revealed that they went to arrest a suspect; a resident from Palai, who had allegedly assaulted a person following a dispute. When the Police had gone into the house of the alleged assailant, he had reportedly attacked the Police with an axe and the police had opened fire at the suspect and injuring him………………..  READ MORE 

UK visa applicant arrested for fraud

A 30-year old man from Jaffna has been arrested for using deception in his UK visit visa application. He was found to have previously applied under a different identity.

The visa applicant was referred by UK Visas &Immigration to the Fraud Investigations Bureau in Colombo. He had previously been refused a UK visa when using the same name, but with a different date of birth and family details.

As well as receiving a visa refusal the applicant has been given a 10 year ban on travel to the UK and faces prosecution for his actions from the Sri Lankan authorities.

UK Visas and Immigration Operations Manager, Tony Williams, said:

“We will not tolerate abuse of the UK’s Immigration rules. Where we see evidence of abuse, we will take action against those involved.

“We strongly advise visa applicants to be open and honest in their applications. Each application is considered on its individual merits and a previous visa refusal doesn’t necessarily mean that the new visa will get refused. However in cases of deception or where false documents are submitted we will always refuse the applicant and as in this case there could also be wider ramifications. .”
All visa applications are subject to extensive checks by trained forgery officers, and this deception was uncovered following these routine checks.

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