‘What happened to Vithiya can happen to anyone’

By Madura Ranwala

Citizens for a Secure Sri Lanka together with the Girl Guides Association yesterday told the media that the brutal gang rape, abduction and killing of Vithiya Sivaloganandan should be considered a grave crime committed against all women and children living in the country irrespective of race, religion and other factors as it could happen to any child, woman the next day due to lack of attention by the law enforcement authorities and judicial system.

A media briefing at the Girl Guides Association Hall in this connection was held with the participation of Chairperson of Viluthu, Sarojani Kanendran, Chairperson of Association of War Affected Women, Visakha Dharmadasa, Deputy Chief Commissioner Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association, Visakha Tillekeratne, Co-Convener of Citizens for a Secure Sri Lanka, Priyanthi Aryaratne and Chamathya Fernando of the Stop The Violence Campaign, Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association.

Kanendran said major issues that should be addressed immediately to bring perpetrators to book and action take to end such incidents.

“It is a bailable offence and suspects are usually from the same the areas as victims and therefore the latter’s lives are in danger.

Dharmadasa said that Women and Child Protection Units of police stations were not given A4 paper to record statements from victims and the victims could make complaints only afterale police officers, according to the findings of a report.

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