‘Death Sentence to Rapists of Children’ says Londoners – PHOTOS

A prayer meeting was held at the Trinity Hall in EastHam today at 5.00 pm by London Tamil organisations to remember the rape and death of School girl Vithiya in Sri Lanka.

Mr Sockalingam Yogalingam TGTE MP, Mr Nimalan Seevaratnam TGTE MP, Leading Human Rights Solicitor Vasuki Muruhathas and others spoke on what we must do to stop these happening in future. Even during this week two rape incidents were reported in the Northern Province, one in the Kayts and the other in Kilinochchi. 

Police Media Spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera had said at a media briefing yesterday that the SIU was trying to ascertain whether there was any negligence on the part of the police in the initial investigations process.

Organiser Mr Murugananthan spoke on behalf of the London Organisations and contempt the ignorance of the police who had ignored the complain by the parents. It is claimed that if the police had acted immediately than the school girl could have been saved. But he congratulated the police who arrested the rapist and the killers within 48 hours of body of the girl being found. He also demanded that if the accused are proved of the rape and killing according to the law of the country than they must be sentenced to death as it is reported 17 more young girls were raped in Sri Lanka and two of them (7 years and 14 year old girls) killed since the killing of Vithiya on the 18th.

Only by giving death sentence the rape and killing of school children in Sri Lanka will stop was the view of all.

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