No nominations for cross-overs

1240066191feaNo politician who changes his party allegiance will be given nominations, according to an agreement reached between President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

This decision was arrived at to herald a new political culture in the country, it is reliably understood. The UNP-SLFP Government, a joint political venture could implement a tremendous volume of work, and letting parliamentarians cross-over to political parties of their choice could jettison the joint efforts, spokesmen for the two parties are reported to have said.

Speculation is rife that a number of politicians of the two major parties of whom the majority represent the present Parliament, are ready to shift allegiance.

Political parties have failed to reach a consensus on the 20th Amendment since the UNP, JVP, NWU, TNA and SLMC have their reservations on the increase in the number of Members of Parliament.

However, a Government spokesman told the Divaina that a consensus would be reached this week when the outstanding issues are resolved at a special committee to be chaired by the President and the Prime Minister.

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