10 Schoolgirls Sexual abused during the last 14 days

11045475_874148722655545_1567447288257754299_nBy Mirudhula Thambiah

Making a comment recently about an increase in rape incidents in the Northern Province, State Minister of Education Velusamy Radhakrishnan, said it hurts to hear that around 10 schoolgirls have been subjected to sexual abuse during the last two weeks in the Northern Province.

He further said that although most of the sexual abuse was committed by outsiders, there are cases where even schoolteachers have committed such acts.

“We feel thoroughly hurt to hear that around 10 schoolgirls have faced sexual abuse during the last 14 days. It is very disappointing to hear that even school teachers are involved in such acts,” he said.

He added that investigations are being carried out with regard to the above 10 cases and immediate action will be taken to curb such acts that have been continuously increasing in the Northern Province, during recent past. Minister Radhakrishnan mentioned the above at a press briefing held in Hatton, recently.

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