TNA prepared to shake hands with Maithri, if …

By S. Gurunathan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is prepared to shake hands with President Maithiripala Sirisena, if he comes to an understanding to provide a sustainable permanent political solution to the ethnic issue, said Govindan Karunakaran, TNA Eastern Provincial Councillor, at a meeting held at Manchanthoduwai in Batticaloa District, recently.

He said that they were able to send the former regime out of power and that the people suffered a lot under it.
“Under the present regime we were able to see some hope for the Tamil speaking people. But we do not know what would take place in the political arena next,” he said

MS_TNA“If a sustainable political solution could be found, then the TNA could offer its support to the present government. Under the provincial council rule with the limited financial resources it is difficult to carryout development work. But by supporting the central government more financial support can be obtained to do more development work in our areas,” he added.
“Armed struggle had been silenced six years ago. However, the TNA has been taking forward the struggle politically, thereafter, with the government in power. We could not live as second-grade citizens anymore,” he said in conclusion.

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