Desperate Rajapakses and desperadoes to ignite a black July riot

(Lanka-e-News-01.June.2015, 6.00PM)  A most cruel traitorous conspiracy has been planned for  July (second black July)  this year in order to tarnish the international image of Sri Lanka (SL) , and to capture power forcefully and brutally  by creating racial and religious riots  within the country , based on urgent and vital information gathered by the State security intelligence services, according to reports reaching Lanka e news. Soon after the president Maithripala categorically announced as leader of the SLFP and UPFA that no nominations will be allowed under the SLFP or UPFA at the forthcoming general  elections, the bestial ,corrupt and deceitful Rajapakse and his clan who are in utter  desperation  having no place in the party and among the people of the country, have already begun  laying the groundwork to provoke racial and religious unrest in the country  as their last resort to capture power brutally and illegally.

The currently deposed , dejected and discarded Mahinda Rajapakse has already taken  initial steps in this wicked traitorous direction by spreading false and vicious tales that the country is right now facing a massive security threat .After his religious observances at Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodhi deity , Mahinda  Rajapakse who is notorious going by his putrid past record of engaging in all the cruelties and atrocities like a devil incarnate soon after performing pooja and invoking blessings of the deities to commit murder and mayhem , stated the country’s security is at stake and in great peril.

Crocidile_tears_JThe state security intelligence services have received copious information that under the leadership of Wimal Weerawansa and Gammanpila ,already basic information at grama niladhari division levels is being collected  regarding activists of the minority races  and the UNP who steered president Maithripala Sirisena to victory .UPFA member of western provincial council and a pioneer of the Samurdhi officers’ association , Jagath Kumara who participated in the meeting had stated , the officers of the Samurdhi and Divi Neguma who received  appointments during the Mahinda Rajapakse reign can also be enlisted for this evil program.

Dinesh Gunawardena , Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Prasanna Ranatunge , Ranjith Soysa M.P., Ratnapura , Manusha Nanayakkara,Udith Lokubandara , Lohan Ratwatte , Dallas Alahaperuma , Kumara Welgama , Bandula Gunawardena ,Gamini Lokuge ,Rohitha Abeygunawardena and  Renuka Perera ,part of the discarded Rajapakse group who have no place in the sun unless they cling like leeches to the  cursed shawl of Mahinda Rajapakse, even when they  know they are in a rudderless sinking ship , have suggested a desperate remedy to overcome their acute frustration and disastrous plight ; their remedy is as wicked as their minds are warped- their suggestion is , the only way they can extricate themselves from their dire predicament is to stir up racial and religious unrest , hatred and animosity , and through that de stabilize the country.

It was also decided that this July , based on the information garnered through the grama niladhari levels , the houses and properties of Tamil and Muslim communities be set on fire Island wide within a day, thereby creating mayhem and a  grave riotous situation . It is significant to note this proposition that was advanced by the universally known racist Gammanpila  was most welcome by the so called Leftist stalwart of SL , Vasudeva Nanayakkara who is by now well known among all as suffering from senile decay and has lost his utility not only in his party  but even on earth. Indeed , he has become a burden to his own beard for that poor beard too is cursing him for the shabby treatment  he metes out to it  by not attending to its needs –allowing it to stink without cleansing and trimming .

Vasudeva had also pointed out that when the communal riots are raging , a plan must be formulated ahead to bring back the ex president urgently in order to control the situation before it spreads and the international community focuses attention on it.

The State  security intelligence service has also unearthed information that Dr. G.L. Peiris has been entrusted with the task  of keeping the international community  informed , while Dallas Alahaperuma and Bandula Gunawardena  shall be responsible for instant media operations which will be publishing news biased in favor of the Mahinda Rajapakse clan . The necessary international media co ordination in this regard is to be under the charge of Mohan Samaranayake.

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