Buddhist Vihare used by Mahinda to attack Muslims, Christians and Hindus.

images-22The Government today condemned the use of Temples in Colombo for political work by Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe who lost the election.

The opposition, including former President Mahinda Rajapaksa often use the Abeyrama Buddhist Vihare (Temple) for political meetings and press conferences and is using Buddhist Temples to promote hate over Hindus, Christians and Muslims. It is known that Former President who lost the election after using Racist card is now using it again as his only option is the Racist card.  His family members are accused of misusing the power and Money to help them self with millions of government funds and their only way of escape from being punished by law is to bring  Mahinda back to power.

sri lanka 3Mahinda and his brother Gotha used Buddhist extremists like BBS to keep racism alive so that they can stay in power and help their family members become millionaires. Mahinda thought that by creating trouble among the Buddhists and other religions in Sri Lanka all the Buddhists would stupidly keep him in power as they are the majority.

But true Buddhist followers rejected his racist attacks on Muslims, Christians and Hindus and there worshiping places and he lost the election.

Media Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka said that it was disappointing to note the use of Temples to promote hatred and anger by some politicians.

Karunathilaka, without naming the politicians or the Temple, said that politicians who have been rejected by the people have turned to Temples to do their politics.

muslimsHe said that at a time when Temples should be used to promote reconciliation and co-existence, some politicians are using Temples to promote hate.

Karunathilaka urged the Buddhist clergy to ensure Temples are not used for politics especially since they are places of worship and should also not have a political agenda.

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