Pakistan to help Lanka to continue kill the Tamils.

Pakistan PM_1COAS was received by Lieutenant General AWJC De Silva, Commander of the Sri Lanka Army.

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif has assured Sri Lanka that his country will always stand with Sri Lanka for greater security and prosperity. He also said at a reception hosted on Sunday in Colombo for him by the Quetta Alumni association, an effective body of a large group of Sri Lankan military students trained in Pakistan and relationship between Pakistan and Sri Lanka is special, and defence and security cooperation has been central to this relationship.

Pakistan helped Sri Lanka kill Tamils in thousands and played a key roll in killing more than 40,000 Tamil civilians in May 2009. They were the mayor suppliers of Armes and ammunition to Sri Lankan Army to kill thousands of Tamil civilians. Pakistan has praised Sri Lankan armed forces for their war against minority Tamils who had been discriminated by the government since independence .

In return of Pakistan’s support it is claimed that Sri Lankan government has secretly allowed Pakistan terrorist to attack India view Sri Lanka.

pakistanIt was some staff in Pakistan embassy in Sri Lanka who are recruiting Muslim terrorists and after training they are sent to India to attack. A Pakistan embassy employee was exposed of his links and payments to Pakistan Terrorist to attack India by the press and Pakistan withdrew the staff, wile Sri Lanka kept its mouth shut.

Mohammed Sakir Hussain, a 37-year-old arrested on April 29, revealed during the course of an interrogation by Indian security agencies that he had been tasked by Pakistan’s embassy in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo — on behalf of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI — with orchestrating the attacks on the two consulates.

Hussain allegedly said that he was instructed to arrange documents for two bombers traveling from Maldives to Chennai, and to oversee their accommodations. The investigators claimed photographs of the two consulates from various angles had been mailed to the two suspects, as well as to the embassy.

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) went on to say that states that suffered from internal conflict collapsed because their institutions, particularly Armed forces were unable to sustain but Pakistan and Sri Lanka have shown resilience in the fight against terrorism for bringing peace and stability in the region.

Referring to the ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb, he said the aim of this operation is to bring enduring peace and stability in Pakistan and the region. “With the support of our nation, we have successfully dismantled their infrastructure and created significant effects, We as a nation are determined to take this surge to its logical end, whatever it may take.”

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