Mangala urges Lankan diaspora to return home

Mangala SamaraweeraForeign Minister Mangala Samaraweera today urged the Sri Lankan diaspora to return home to become stakeholders in Sri Lanka’s new journey towards peace, reconciliation and development.

He also urged the diaspora to stop thinking in narrow, parochial terms and call themselves Sri Lankan diaspora and not be defined on ethnic lines by labeling themselves as the Sinhala Diaspora, Tamil Diaspora or the Muslim Diaspora.

“Let there be unity in our diversity.  The new Sri Lanka we all dream of will be a celebration of our multi ethnic, multi religious, multi cultural country. We hope that they use the talent and skills they have gained over the years, to help us accelerate our development and enrich our thinking. We should strive to reverse the brain drain during the long years of conflict and ensure that Sri Lanka will now receive all the benefits of a brain gain at this crucial time of her history,” he said.

Samaraweera said this at a function held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Public Order and Christian Religious Affairs jointly handed over Dual Citizenship Certificates to recipients.

Samaraweera said that dual-citizens are in a privileged position of being a bridge – bringing Sri Lankans closer together and enabling them to travel together again.

The Foreign Minister said that the Government of President Maithripala Sirisena realizes the true value of the diaspora community and welcome all of them as Sri Lankan citizens. (Colombo Gazette)

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