National unity Rally and Racists Weerawansa’s Anti Tamil rally

Sri Lanka’s national unity rally

A national unity walk, which traveled across Sri Lanka beginning last month ended on Tuesday once it reached its final destination of capital Colombo, with President Maithripala Sirisena attending the event to mark the closing ceremony.

The Ranbhumi National Rally which began from the war torn North of the island nation and successfully visited over 1,500 villages in 34 cities across the island with the aim to inspire unity among Sri Lankans through development was organized by local media group MTV/MBC Networks, National Youth Services Council and the Colombo Port City.

The Colombo Port City is a multi billion dollar project launched in Sri Lanka which is solely funded by the China Communications Construction Company Limited, making it Sri Lanka’s largest foreign direct investment.

maithiri1The highlight of the National Rally was the collection of bricks from all the districts in the country which will be utilized to build ‘The Ranbhumi Unity Monument, ‘symbolizing the coming together of the Sri Lankan people, despite their diversity. The monument will symbolize sentiments of the campaign and the desire of the Sri Lankan people to be unified as one and seeking progressive development.

President Maithripala Sirisena laid the final brick in Colombo on Tuesday in order to build the Ranbhumi Unity Monument.

Commenting on the movement, Managing Director of the CHEC port city Colombo (PVT.), Jiang Houliang stated that his company was humbled to be a part of this nationalistic movement that sought to bridge the gap in ethnic, religious and racial differences in Sri Lanka while promoting unity through development.

“The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity was indeed a pledge for peace and harmonious co-existence. This was witnessed time and again in every city, town and village that we visited. It was indeed the aspiration of the people that motivated them to gather enthusiastically to participate in every proceeding during this unity rally. It was a great pleasure to interact with the local community all around the island,” Jiang said.

Speaking on the event, Group Director of Capital Maharaja Organization, Chevaan Daniel said that the rally brought together families from different ethnic and racial backgrounds and was without a doubt a heart warming and truly unforgettable experience.

Weerawansa accuses govt. of obstructing their rally at Matara

NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa yesterday accusing the government of obstructing the UPFA rally to be held in Matara tomorrow, asked whether the law of the country was not applicable to Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

He said the government was only applying its laws against Opposition political rallies. The government had got the police to prevent the use of loudspeakers at the Matara rally.

“The leader of the Kurundu Polu battalion is trying to sabotage our Matara rally. They have got police to slap obstacles in our path. But, we will not stop this struggle until we bring former President Rajapaksa back to power,” he said.

Addressing a press conference at the parliament complex, MP Weerawansa said that Foreign Minister Samaraweera had held talks with Global Tamil Forum members in London recently.

“The GTF is an organisation banned in Sri Lanka. The ban was imposed by a gazette notification. If an ordinary person meets GTF members he or she could be arrested for holding illegal meetings and conspiring against the government. We need to know whether that law is not applicable to Minister Samaraweera,” he asked.

“The map of new eelam is being drawn. That is being done at meetings between Minister Samaraweera and Norwegian Eric Solheim. We need to know what the government that came to power by using the Yahapalana mantra is doing about it”, the NFF Leader said

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