Mahinda Rajapaksha finally admits there were corruption during his presidency.

Sri-Lanka-Buddhists1Tissa Vitarana, the leader of the Lanka Sama Samaja party and the former senior minister has obtained a promise from Mahinda Rajapaksa that there will be “no corruption” under a future Rajapaksa government.

In an interview with Ravaya newspaper Vitarana said; “I admit that there were issues of corruption. We have already discussed the matter with Mahinda. He has assured that he will stop all corruption if he comes back to power.”

FILE 1Mahinda Rajapaksha  finally admits there were corruption during his presidency. Now, will he admit that investigations into that his family and relatives is fair? and NOT A political vendetta.

Mahinda admits that corruption was in his government, so now he should go and provide those details to the commission which inquires into these matters, as people have the right to know about it and get back the misappropriated amount involved.

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