TNA not greedy for ministerial portfolios

DSC03854By S.Gurunathan

Tamil National Alliance Batticaloa District Parliamentarian, C.Yogeswaran categorically said that the TNA was not greedy of ministerial portfolios in the present government or even in the next government to be formed following the next parliamentary polls until the political aspirations of the Tamils were fulfilled.

“We should respect the immense sacrifices made by our people during the three decades of civil war. Therefore, we cannot accept the portfolios for prestige reasons,” Yogeswaran said, while he was addressing a public meeting at Kiran, Batticaloa last Friday (12).

“Thousands of Tamil people in the past had sacrificed their lives to fulfil the political aspirations of the Tamil community. We are still negotiating with the government in power to achieve the political target of the Tamil people. Not a single cent had been allocated for the development of the Kiran village.

The past regime also ignored the development of Kiran village. The present government too, had ignored the development of Kiran under its 100-Day Programme. 19.4 per cent of the Batticaloa District population was living below the poverty line,” Yogeswaran said.

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