”Entire generation of Sirisenas would have got buried, or behind bars”

‘I missed the bus, or else, I would’ve been the president’ – Nimal Siripala

See, what a shame… I missed the bus. The offer for the common candidate was made to me first.

At the same time, the former HE called me and asked me to get ready to become the prime minister.

It was Chandrika Madam who told me to be prepared to be the common candidate.

I put both offers into a scale and weighed them. I though the former HE’s offer was more realistic. In the end, it was a failure.

A person without any charisma became the president, said opposition leader Nimal Siripala de Silva to a group of friends at a funeral in the south recently. 

But, Mr. Sirisena played a very crucial game.

nimal_siripala_de_silvaHad he missed it, the entire generation of Sirisenas would have got buried, or behind bars. I cannot lie, I do not have Sirisena’s guts.

Had I got into the game like him, newspapers and TVs would have referred to me by now as HE the president Nimal Siripala de Silva,’ he said with some pain of mind.


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