Story of trishaw driver who amassed wealth after becoming Wimal Weerawansa coordinator

Sanath Kumara was born in Matara. He has not had any proper education and strayed into Colombo, just like Wimal Weerawansa did. Sanath’s first job was driving trishaws. At the same time, he began a small saloon in Moratuwa. Then, he started another business – in addition to cutting hair, doing facials at the saloon, he started making deals, which brought him quick money. With the rapid progress he made in the new business, he started two or three more such saloons near Colombo.

Sanath met Wimalasiri Gamlath alias Wimal Weerawansa during this period of his business thriving. Coming to know about Wimal’s heartbeat from the first day, he treated him to various delicacies and liquor to become his most trusted friend very soon.

Once Wimal became a cabinet minister, both began to have a very prosperous period. Sanath was appointed a coordinator of Wimal’s ministry. With this, Sanath started a big business in Moratuwa named Isuru Traders.

Through this, he has rented around 200 vehicles to Dialog company. In adition, he built a palatial house with swimming pools and electrical elevators in Moratuwa.

He is having an account at the Panchikawatte branch of the HNB, for which alone he has been given an overdraft of Rs. 65 million.  That has been given against a fixed deposit he is having there.

When he is questioned by the bank officials about his earnings, he directly said it was the money that belonged to the minister.

Sanath has more than 20 houses in Colombo city. He had obtained bank loans to buy these houses and repays all the loans within a few months. That is how he has cleaned the black money of Wimal.

Neither the bribery or corruption commission nor the FCID have been able to catch Wimal because even he had not passed grade eight, he does all his thievaries to the point.

If the government honestly wants to corner Wimal, it should question his former coordinating secretary Sanath Kumara of Matara.

 The JVP is making a detailed investigation into all assets of this person. Very soon, the findings will be the made known through the media. The picture below shows Wimal and Sanath meeting former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, their guardian angel who had helped them amass wealth within a few years, at his Carlton home in Tangalle.

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