Country more important than party says President Maithiri

Country more important than party, president assures at party leaders’ meeting!

Meeting a short while ago the party leaders and citizens’ activists who contributed to his victory on January 08, the president assured them that he will not betray the public mandate he received for any reason in order to protect the party, LSSP alternative group’s senior advocate Lal Wijenayake told journalists.

MedaMulana_GodFather_2J3 At this meeting, the president said firmly that whatever pressure he had to endure from SLFP seniors, he would not give the prime minister candidature, nominations or even a national list position for former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.
He asked the party leaders and citizens’ activists not to have any doubt on that account. He also assured that none of the MPs, supporting Rajapaksa and having corruption charges against them, would be given nominations.

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