Government won’t convince diaspora before taking meaningful steps – TNA MP

The TNA’s Batticaloa MP P Ariyanenthiran said in parliament on Friday that the new government will not be able to convince the Tamil diaspora of its intentions unless it takes meaningful steps to address Tamil issues. 

He said the government should release Tamil political prisoners and find the disappeared before developing its contacts with the diaspora.

“In January this year only the president has changed, apart from that nothing has changed,” the MP said.

24d5423d0f496591b6762acba305dc3d_XL“Every government in the past as given false promises to the Tamils in the country. They have not solved the political problems or the humanitarian issues. However without addressing those problems the government is making arrangements to invite Tamil diaspora and is expecting assistance from them to develop the country is ridiculous,” he said.

“Unless the government takes meaningful steps to solve the political and the humanitarian problems of the people in the North-East, it won’t succeed in convincing the Tamil diaspora.”

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