Tamils on a vital journey to fulfil aspirations – Sampanthan

Leader of the Tamil National Alliance and former Trincomalee district TNA Parliamentarian R.Sampanthan said the international community has given first priority to the problems of the Tamil speaking community in Sri Lanka. Hence the Tamil people in the North and East will give vital attention when voting at the forthcoming parliamentary elections. We would have made a historical blunder if we failed in our utmost duty in this regard.

He further appealed to the Tamil people to strength the TNA to capture more parliamentary seats according to the manifesto of the TNA that would give a concrete political solution to the problems Tamils face in future. Tamils are on a vital political journey towards achieving their political aspirations with the support of the international community now that the dissolution of Parliament and the announcement of the date for the new parliamentary election had been made.

sambanthan 3
“If we fail to adopt a correct approach we would certainly make a historical blunder to meet the legitimate political aspirations of the Tamil community. We should not give room for the opponents to cause a split in the TNA and weaken the Tamil masses,” he said.
He said so while addressing the central committee meeting of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi (ITAK), main constituent of the TNA.

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