Mahinda will be leading opposition group

Stakes At The Parliamentary Elections

At a personal level, it would be foolish for MR to contest. He would soon be a septuagenarian. He entered parliamentary politics in 1970 and completed 45 years. He was a MP, a Leader of the Opposition, a PM and then the President. If not for his attempt for a third term, he could have ‘ruled the country’ until next year. He has certain things for his credit, and certain other things for his discredit. The best thing for him would have been to gloriously retire. But some people cannot obviously change their ‘genes’ or habits. MR apparently is such a person.

However, if the President Sirisena embraces Mahinda Rajapaksa and makes him the prime ministerial candidate or the leader of the SLFP/UPFA group contesting the elections, it would be a blatant betrayal of the January victory of democracy……………..   READ ALL

Mr. President, Do Not Take It For Granted!

nw-wd-lanka-620x349They should be able to believe that the people of Sri Lanka from all religious and ethnic groups will have equal rights and freedom to practice their religions, law makers will not be allowed to break the law, the places of worships will not be attacked, there will be a balanced development in all the areas and regions of Sri Lanka whether they are in the North, South, East or West and he will honour all his pre-election promises. Although the people voted in a rush in the last Presidential election to get rid of a cruel ruler, now the people in this parliamentary election will carefully evaluate the performance of MS and his associated parties (the government) and future programmes and cast their votes very carefully. Therefore, Mr. President, do not take it for granted………………………….   READ ALL

MR weaves Medamulana magic

  • Thousands rally in Rajapaksa stronghold to hear special announcement
  • Ex-President criticises national security compromises, weakening rupee, CB bond scandal 
  • Mahinda says Nugegoda rally in February has turned into major force
  • Analysts say Mahinda will be part of electoral contest, either directly or by leading opposition group 
  • Major miscalculation by President Sirisena: Victor Ivan

sriLankas_secrets_001Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, ousted from office in January, set the stage for a major political comeback in his hometown of Medamulana yesterday, with the announcement that he would lead a faction of the SLFP to contest in the 17 August parliamentary election.
A low drum-roll of firecrackers sounded in the distance, as thousands of supporters gathered in the leafy gardens of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Carlton House shortly before noon yesterday to hear the former President’s ‘special announcement’ about his role in the upcoming elections.
“I am not ready to reject the appeal you are all making,” he boomed, reading from a teleprompter in the sweltering midday heat, as supporters, about 6,000 strong, cheered madly at the sight of him……………………  READ ALL 

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