Sri Lanka’s ruling party rejects invitation from ex-president

Sri Lanka’s ruling party rejects invitation from ex-president

COLOMBO, July 2 (Xinhua) – Sri Lanka’s ruling United National Party (UNP) on Thursday rejected an invitation from former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse to work with him at the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Rajapakse had invited the UNP and other political parties to join him after he announced his candidacy for the August 17 Parliamentary Elections.

However, UNP senior parliamentarian John Amaratunga told Xinhua that the UNP would not consider such a request and were confident of gaining a majority at the polls.

“The vote base of the UNP will not change even if Rajapakse contests or not. We are confident we will continue with a majority in government,” Amaratunga said.

78295_Untitled-1-RecoveredRajapakse on Tuesday announced that he would contest the elections on the request of his supporters and would look to form a new government in the island country.

“We cannot reject your request which you have put before us,” Rajapakse addressed a large crowd which had gathered in his hometown of Tangalle in the country’s south coast. He further said that he will rectify any mistakes made in the past when he sets up a new government.

Meanwhile Amaratunga said that the corruption probe against Rajapakse and his family would continue despite the former president contesting for the polls.

“We will not stop the investigations against anyone who has been blamed for defaulting the country. Investigations will go on, ” he said.

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